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Cathy Jarvis Center For Transformations

Education and Training

Cathleen received her Masters Degree in Social Work from ASU in 1985; she has been a therapist for 30 years. Her postgraduate training in family therapy begin with Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic. Cathleen has received training in family therapy from Virginia Satir, Salvador Minuchin, and Chole Madanes.  She has also trained under Jeffrey Zeig, with the Milton Erickson Institute. Cathleen helped to facilitate a research project conducted in conjuction with ASU studying the effects of divorce on children. Cathleen specializes in all things related to the family providing family, marital, and individual therapy from ages 3 to 93. Cathleen has worked in many settings: inpatient/hospital settings, outpatient clinics, private schools, and private practice.  For many years Cathleen provided seminars for businesses and government agencies throughout the western United States on several topics with AIM Seminars.

Cathleen also specializes in support services for blended families and adoption issues. Cathleen has years of experience and training in bonding and attachment issues including personal experience with foster and adopted children. She specializes in bonding Mothers and babies of all ages.

In addition to family therapy and attachment issues Cathleen also specializes in trauma treatment. She has been trained in dialectical behavior therapy and several cognitive/ behavioral and experiential therapies to deal with trauma. She has extensive training in dealing with Post Traumatic Stress disorders relating to sexual, physical and emotional abuse. She is also trained to deal with the traumas associated with war, near death and dangerous experiences. She is currently working on a protocol to help children deal with the traumas associated with difficult early illnesses and accidents. Other specialties include the treatment of depression, and any and all forms of anxiety for all ages.



Family, marital, and individual therapy from ages 3 to 93.